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Recent Fish from Burnham

Vicoue was out on the 2nd October they had plenty of fish, together with this small eyed ray of 4lb 7ozĀ  caught on a grey mullet .

Pete went killer whale fishing with his skimnet the day before to catch the mullet.

On the 8th October 3 boats were out, Craig was out , John Chinn & Terry and the Saxby Clan.

A couple of Cod were caught, plenty of fish all day.

The beach is improving probably gaining an extra half an hour on launching if your careful.

Left hand side of the jetty is recovering with sand building up on the jetty as well.

Terry and John managed to get stuck as the trailer wheels sunk (probably in a worm diggers hole), they needed assistance from Chris Dunns Landrover.

Terry needs to get a stronger rope !! His disco has been strecthed as it now has a longer wheel base.

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