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Staurday 20th October

Stop the press!!!!!!
Three boats made it out from Burnham on Saturday 21st October on what turned out to be a lovely calm day and caught some fish.
Natalie Jane had a stow away on board with Craig joining Dicky and Fred on a short trip
over high tide and Terry and John were out on Makita.
Natalie Jane had around 25 thornies to around 10lb and 10 or so doggies.
They also had 4 eels with Fred catching the biggest estimated at 17-18lb and Craig taking one around 14-15lb.
Apparently Makita fared much the same.

Pete and Mark were out to fishing all day and getting back in at 9pm.
They fished a few marks catching lots of rays and a few dog fish with Mark managing to winkle out a cod about 1 1/2lb.

Well done for getting out there guys and catching a few fish.

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Saturday 13th October

Saturday 13th of October saw the full contingent of Saxby’s fishing on Great White
out from Langstone for bass.
After a couple of fishless drifts and we dropped the anchor in over some banks.
There plenty of dog fish caught and I managed a 21lb blonde ray and one dogfish,
That was it for me I didn’t have another fish all day!



Dicky had a good huss around 10lb and a few dogfish.
Back on the drift and around a dozen bass were taken mostly small and the biggest only going around 4lb. Dicky and Dad both had a couple each I only had one take and missed it. Was a pretty rough day out there too.


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Saturday 6th October

Pete and Mark were out of Burnham again all day on Saturday. Searching for cod they tried marks around
Lilstock, Stolford and the club bank. No cod but lots of rays, doggies and congers on what was a lovely calm day.

Other club boats ventured out of Weymouth in not so comfortable conditions.

Drop me a line lads and let me know how you got on. or 07958172309.

Or post up your own catch report in the forum.

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Catch up

We have had a couple of charter trips over the last few weeks with mixed results.

We managed to finally get out sharking on White Waters from Milford Haven on Friday 21st September
having had the two previous trips cancelled by the weather.
Leaving home at 2:45am we arrived at Maccy D’s for breakfast at 6am and fired down  bacon rolls and hash browns.
We got on the boat at 6:45 and headed out of the Haven. Because we had brought our frozen bait and rubby dubby with us we were able to head straight to the sharking grounds.
So we didn’t have to go to the Hats and Barrels reef to catch bait which really eats into your sharking time.

By 9:30 we had our dubby bags over the side and some rods in the water and having drawn lotts, I was second on the rods.

We had 3 fish in the boat by 10am!! All small blues around 40lb then a couple of bigger fish at 60lb.









Later whilst Uncle Roy was playing a fish, and my cousin Jason was playing a second, I was busy helping the skipper.
The third rod went and Terry grabbed it and struck and was then fighting a third fish which should have been mine!
After we had sorted out the first two fish Terry offered the rod to me but, as he was well in to the fight I said carry on.
Within seconds another reel was buzzing so I took that run and hit another fish that proceeded to race off.














Terry got his in at around 80lb I was confident that my fish would be around the same size but then it went mental and took us all round the boat with me ending up on the bow of the boat in what was a sloppy sea!









About 30 minutes later I realised that this was going to be a decent fish and when I saw it just under the surface I knew it was over the ton.
Andy wrestled it on to the boat and unhooked it, we then measured it and using the chart it came out at 128.6lb and a PB for me.












 We had 27 blues that day, 6 each for the 4 of us and we gave the crewman Dave Turner 3 fish.
Dave was over form Ireland and had been trying to get out for 3 days which had been all lost to the weather so had just come out to crew for the day. He hadn’t caught a blue since 1988 so was well chuffed with his 3 fish and beat his previous PB with a fish of 122lb.
Uncle Roy had his PB of 119.2lb but lost a much bigger fish at the boat the skipper saw it below the surface and reckoned it was over 150lb easily.














Most fish were in the 60 to 80lb bracket but there were plenty out there and they were still feeding we had to go in around 6pm.
A long 2 hrs steam home in a very lively sea and then a 3hr plus drive saw me get home at 11:45pm very tired and very happy.

You may well have noticed the lacking of a certain name in this report and ask where our usual trip organiser and mentor was?
Well I’ll leave it to him to tell you about the monsters that lurk around Swanage Pier. 


Saturday 29th September

Out on Tiger Lilly and the boy wonder was back with us, the wind was dropping after what had been a blowy week.
We started by drifting the mussel beds for plaice which was not very successful for me I dropped 2 fish.
Dicky managed 1 plaice and also codling jammy little…………..with Fred dropping a plaice too.
We had around a dozen plaice on board with a couple over 3lb and a 5lb fish.

Also out on the mussel beds that day was Ultra White with it’s mottley crew of Nigel, Andy and Martin.
How did you get on guys? Hope you had a good day.
Drop me a line at or ring or text me on 07958172309 with any pictures or a catch report or you can post one up in the forum.

As the tide dropped we moved off to anchor in search of bream and over 20 between us with dogs, gurnards, pout,    poor cod, a small huss, strap and mackerel.
Me and Dicky managed to catch a good bream between us that had taken both our baits!
I then had my best bream of 3lb and a red gurnard of around 1lb.



Back to drifting, this time for bass, and Dicky had 3 in the first 3 drifts but all small fish, Fred managed a couple and I went back to dropping fish, 2 bass escaped me.
We had 10 bass between us mostly small so moved off to try for turbot, a few long slow drifts produced only 1 turbot for Fred about 4lb and another gurnard this time to Dicky.
A hard day but we had a few fish for the table so happy days.

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