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Sunday 18th November

The Bristol boys had an away day at Weymouth on Sunday out on Seanies Flyer.
The guys had 9 or 10 bass up to 3-4lb between them and Andy had a lovely brill of 5lb. They also had a few smallish turbot on what was a nice day.

They did however manage to all get a proper soaking when they took a big freak wave over the cuddy that filled the boat full of water.
Good job it’s a self draining hull Martin
Wet clothes and brown pants all round then fellers!!!!

Glad you all made it back ok.

Sorry about the picture quality but you get the idea.


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Friday 16th November

After a dodgy forecast in the morning, on Friday 16th November we decided to give the boat a miss and head for the beach. We fished at Bossington for a couple of hours and had a few bites towards low tide but no fish.
With the water being fairly clear there we never really felt confident it would fish well there.
After a couple of phone calls for advice to some guys we know from another forum we upped sticks and headed to Minehead for the flood tide.

It was slow there too and after a couple of hours we only had 3 pout between us for our efforts so we called last casts and started to pack up.
As I was putting my kit away Dicky shouted that I had a bite and by the time I got to my rod the line was slack. As I wound in and caught up with the fish Dicky’s rod was
nodding too and we assumed that the strong tide had pushed my line in to his but as he reeled in it became clear we both had fish on.
After a bit of a tussle I landed a nice cod which we weighed at 9lb 14oz and Dicky had a strap eel of around 6lb.
Half the tail of my cod was missing so I missed out on my first double from the shore
but it saved a poor day for me anyway.
My camera battery was flat and it was too dark for our phones so we took some pictures when we got back to Highbridge.




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