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Event Invite

To all members of the Burnham club:

In conjunction with the Starcross angling club in Exmouth: we have managed to organise a fantastic evening presentation and talk by the sales divisions of Raymarine and Navionics, where they will give a talk and a live presentation of their electronics and in particular their latest bits of kit. This includes the new Raymarine Dragonfly which is Raymarines new CHIRP fishfinder technology. This is the new generation of fishfinders and to put its abilities into perspective: imagine the difference between Decca and GPS and that is, I am told, the difference between existing fishfinders and this new technology. Navionics also intend to present their latest chart and other technologies as well so this is a exciting opportunity to see all the latest kit and see it demonstrated. It will also be a chance to meet many charter skippers including our old (young) mate – Dave Saunders plus other famous anglers from all over the south coast. The owner of Snowbee and Russ Symonds of Sea Angler plus boat yard owners and boat builders intend to turn up and even Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall may come on down!

The event is free and is to be held at the Starcross Club in Exmouth which is only 1 hr away from Burnham. Our club is invited and members from several other clubs should be turning up too. It is a fantastic venue and the largest angling club in the area in a beautiful old Victorian pump house with a bar so cheap you won’t believe it (not for profit!). There are plenty of cheap places to book an overnight stay if you’d like adjacent to the Starcross club. Let me know if you need any ideas.

This is all happening on Friday 5th April starting at 7.30pm, bring whoever you want and come and enjoy an evening of like minded anglers, alcohol and demonstrations of new electronics.

If you’d like to have a chat about this by all means give me a ring on 07810140650
Cheers Joe Jeffrey

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Open Beach Fishing Competition – Sunday 21st April


Open Beach Fishing Competition – Sunday 21st April

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