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A message from our President John May

Over the past 18 months I have been working with the Devon And Severn  I.F.C.A supporting the move to recognise and support Recreational Sea Anglers particularly in the Bristol Channel.

The IFCA , with my help, has obtained a wealth of information from us and other clubs which is being used to prepare a management plan.

Their proposal is to introduce ANGLING ZONES where restrictions are made on commercial activities to the benefit of RSAs the first of which locally will be in our patch  —  an area from the Axe at Uphill around Brean due south towards Bridgwater Bay and then east into Steart and the Sailing Club.

The IFCA is asking for comment from clubs and individuals on this proposal and our opinion on the use of zones in principal.

I believe that this is a major FIRST STEP for RSAs that if supported by us all could lead to greater things.

I have spoken to clubs on the South Coast and Wales who are supportive and envious of what we are on the verge of achieving —  we can see that this could spread to other parts of the coast and venues like Chesil and the Shambles that attract so many local anglers.

The club will be signing up to the consultation ,as will many others, but the more support the stronger our case becomes.


There is a quick survey to fill in it takes a couple of minutes only.

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Burnham on Sea Monday 26th May 2014

Monday 26th May saw 3 boats launch in the morning to fish an all day session over low water.


John Chin and Terry Garrett on Makita, Dicky and Roy Saxby on Four Buoys and Craig and myself on his boat.

It was a cold start but steady with fish from the off for us around Hinkley.

Four Buoys had headed a bit further out and started off slowly with less fish but did catch a 3lb 11oz bass.

All the time we were still catching a steady stream of rays, dogfish and a few eels



Craig caught the biggest ray of the day at 11lb 8oz.

DSCN0316Four Buoys moved to the club bank but found it tough going there as well.





They finally moved to the same bank we were fishing as we had been catching steadily all day.


Even the dogfish were a decent size with quite a few around the 2lb mark.

We ended up with over 40 rays and 40 dogfish and 3 eels as well.



Makita had fished down towards Lilstock and caught loads of rays dogfish and eels to.

Four Buoys finished with 25 plus rays, a dozen or so dogfish and that bass.

What a great days fishing!

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West Bay catch report

Craig Willis fished West Bay with Gary Heaton and Sean Norris a couple of times last month with good results.

On their first trip they fished a wreck and caught over 15 bass averaging around 4 1/2lb with the biggest going to 6lb on bait and lures. They also had some small codling and around 15 4-5lb pollack as well and fished on in to the early evening.

At the start of the day they dropped a crab pot over the side into 90 feet of water unfortunately they only had 80 feet of rope attached!!

They did manage to get it back at low water with a large edible crab inside so crab and bass for supper washed down with lots of vodka. Too much vodka as it turns out as they didn’t make it out on the Sunday!!


Second trip and the trio had a harder days fishing with no bass but around 10  of Pollack up to 7lb, dogfish, small smoothhounds and whiting. They did a bit better with the pot, catching an edible crab and 2 spider crabs. The edible only had 1 claw so was returned for another day.

Seems like the vodka took it’s toll again as the intrepid trio again failed to fish the second day.

Looks like age is creeping up on them!!!


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Fish of the Month April

Fish of the month for April was Mark Bowdens 11lb 10oz thornback ray.


Mark has now won fish of the month in January, March and April which begs the question……

Pete are you using any bait??!!


Pull your finger out mate!

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