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Vicoue Trophy Sunday 21st September 2014

Five boats with a total of ten anglers on board turned out for the Vicoue Trophy fished at Burnham on Sunday. Makita with Terry Garrett and John Chin, I was on Vicoue with Pete Nicholson, Dicky and Fred Saxby fished on Four Buoys and Roy Saxby was out with Craig Willis on LUCKY STRIKE, yes Craig has finally named his boat!! Nigel Devey was also fishing on Ultra White with his partner in crime Andy Georgiou.  At the off all the boats shot off in various directions Vicoue and Four Buoys headed to Brean Down looking for a bit of shelter, some deep water and maybe a cod or two! It was a tad lumpy when we arrived, with a very confused sea which is typical of that area, so both boats tucked in close to the down to start with. It was a very slow start for us with a couple of small rays and a lone doggie on Vicoue while Four Buoys found a few more fish but of the same standard. As the sea state improved we moved a couple of times going a bit deeper each time but it was still slow. 

DSCN0957 (2)Pete did manage this whopping eel though.  Four buoys was busy but mostly with dogfish. Getting towards low water and we upped anchor again and headed into the club bank leaving Four Buoys at Brean. We started to catch steadily from the off on our new mark mostly rays but also a few decent congers just into double figures. As for the  other boats Makita had stayed local and had fished a few marks catching rays, congers and doggies, Lucky Strike had gone straight to one of Craig’s favourite marks and had loads of rays, eels and dogfish. photo 3 (3)photo 1 (3)

Whilst Nigel and Andy had shot down to Lilstock and had a cracking day catching half a dozen congers, loads of dogfish and thornies. They also had a couple of small bullhuss and a little tope! Just to add to their day they managed to winkle out 3 starry and 3 common smoothounds ranging between 6 – 10lbs fantastic fishing. So plenty of fish all round. DSCN0965 (2)About an hour before the end of the match I had a fish that really gave me the run around and was obviously a bit bigger than the  ones we had caught so far. Pete fianally slipped the net under a nice thornback that was clearly into double figures. Back on the beach it weighed 11lbs 8 1/2ozs and was big enough to take first place and I was pleased to see it swim off strongly when I realised it off the slipway afterwards. Second place went to Fred Saxby with a dogfish of 2lbs 2 oz and third was another dogfish this time 2lbs to Craig Willis. It was a really pleasing to see that the guys had turned out to support the club.


Even the tractor turned out. 😉DSCN0968 (2) DSCN0967 (2)

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More Norway Pictures

Sorry I have no details about the fish but I can tell you that they are halibut, wolf fish and 2 (5)photo 3 (4)photo 1 (4)

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Weymouth Saturday 13th September

We had a charter on Wild Frontier II with our usual crew from Witney aiming to catch bass, bream and try for a few plaice which had been thin on the lately. We started off fish some rocky outcrops on the end of the shambles which consisted of two level on rising up 6 feet and the other about 12 feet. DSCN0891The commercial bass boats were out in force and while not taking many fish they were of a decent size going to 5lbs and over. We had a few drifts but never really got to grips with it but did have a few takes a managed to land 1 small bass between the seven of us. As the tide slowed we moved to drift for the bream and started catching quickly mostly smallish bream with some bigger fish to 3lbs. I carried on in the same form as the sharking trip and was struggle to get any bites but, a little tinkering with my rig and I started to catch a few as well. Next stop plaicing and  my day was improving I managed to winkle out 2 plaice to just over 3lbs and dropped another 2. DSCN0896


Terry Hickman who caught the big shark recently continued his good fortune with a cracking plaice over 4lbs. Finally we went bassing again and the tide increased, a different area this time but again the commercial guys surrounded us. It started slowly picking up a few fish but as Clem was talking about last couple of drifts it really picked with lots of bass being caught mostly in the 3 – 5lbs bracket. Terry again was amongst the better fish with a bass of 8lbs.
DSCN0937So we had a couple of extra drifts and made the most of it ending up with 40 plus bream,  over a dozen plaice and over 20 bass and a few bits and pieces. We then headed back in to join the procession of boats that had gathered to mark the closing of the local Portland Coastguard after 35 years of service which is moving to Hampshire.

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Shark Fishing Thursday 11th September 2014.

We were lucky enough to get out on our second and final shark trip of this year on Thursday 11th September even then there was a fair old swell out there. After a two hour steam we finally stopped the engines and the first batch of rubby dubby was mixed. DSCN0837Two bags of this vile smelling concoction was lowered over the side to attract the sharks and I just about managed to hold on to my breakfast. I was not feeling well, I had lost my voice, had a stinking cold, major tooth ache and I was feeling a bit sea sick too! We then drew lots for the rods and just to improve my day I drew 5th which was LAST! Still I’m not one to moan…………much.


The first fish took only 45 mins to appear and fell to Uncle Roy, only a small one around 35lb but the first one none the less so here we go. Dicky and Jason Saxby were next up with fish around 40-50lbs, then Terry Hickman with another smallish fish around 55lbs. My turn next with a fish that took while Terry was still playing his. This was definitely a bigger fish than we had seen so far and went off on a couple of deep runs, I was just getting the better of it when the line snapped and the fish was gone. We had seen a small shark rolling around the floats earlier in the day it had probably damaged the line with its skin costing me a fish. DSCN0850

So Roy was up again this time with a proper fish which ran him all round the boat and made him sweat!! When we got it on board and was measured it came out at 137.7lbs his PB and what a fish! Well after that it got busy with lots of sharks around the boat and at one time we had 3 fish on at the same time! There were fish everywhere and some of them looked big.



Terry had a fish that really gave him a work-out and after around 20 minutes we saw it before it dived back down again. 10 minutes later and she was on board and was measured, working out at 153lbs! Our biggest ever!



Dicky then had one equalling his PB at 131lbs and Jason’s next fish went 141lbs a new PB for him! We ended the day with 30 fish, Roy had 3 over 100lbs his biggest was the 137.7lbs fish, Dicky had  90lbs and 131lbs fish, Jason had 2 over 100lbs his biggest was 141lbs, Terry had 6 sharks with that 153lbs fish the biggest of the day and biggest for the year winning him the Mervin Dore Memorial Shield that we as a group fish for every year. 




You may well have noticed the fact that I am missing from this list of big fish but I did have 5 sharks on the day and they were very pretty fish and if there was a trophy for that well then…………………but I am afraid none off them were very big, in fact none of them were even measured and my biggest was an estimated 55lbs. Still at least no one took the piss out of me all day…………..well not all day anyway!

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Sunday’s Match

The Vicoue Trophy match is on for Sunday 21st September.

Book in at 7am in the car park and boats off at 7-30am.

More reports of codling from the beaches up to 5lb with in the last week or so.

Lets hope we can find some.

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