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Saturday 29th November 2014

Two boats fished a short one over high tide on Saturday, Four Buoys with myself and Fred Saxby on board and Lucky Strike with Craig Willis and Richard Saxby as crew. As we only had a few hours fishing we decided to fish one mark all through the tide. A 15 minute steam saw us on a bank north of Hinkley and again we were straight into fish, dog fish and small rays. Just before high tide we heard a lot of cheering and shouting from Lucky Strike as Dicky netted a cracking cod for Craig. As the tide dropped away and out came the congers! We had 2 over 20lbs on Four Buoys one of them on a whiting rig which really gave us the run around. Another couple around 15lbs and a smattering of rays. Fishing slowed after high tide but things had started to improve typically as we had to up anchor and head in.DSCN1161











Back on the beach and we saw the fish that the lads had been cheering a lovely looking cod which weighed 9lbs 1oz. Some of you may have already seen a picture or two on Facebook but Craig has been very coy about it……….NOT!

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Fred Peters Trophy Sunday 23rd November 2014


DSCN1114Four boats turned out for Sunday’s match with 10 anglers on board. John and Craig Dumbleton on King Fisher,the Bristol boys in force on Ultra White, Nigel Devey, Andy Georgiou and Martin Quinn. New Chairman Pete Nicholson and Mark Bowden on Vicoue and Myself, Dicky and Fred Saxby on Four Buoys.  DSCN1112





All boats were safely launched and as the comp was for biggest cod, obviously we all had the same idea as we raced towards Brean Down. All four boats fishing within a half mile of each other!DSCN1107










It was fish from the off for eveybody, mostly dogfish on Four Buoys we must have anchored over a dogs home! We did manage a few rays and congers as well.

We heard a cheer from Ultra White as they landed a codling, Pete and Mark had a small one as well.

First Boat to move was the Dumbleton’s who went off towards Steep Holm and that was the last we saw of them until the end of the match. Next to move was Vicoue towards Hinkley.

We had been thinking of a move when I had a fish that was fighting very differently than those we had so far, hoping for a codling we got the net ready and as it surfaced Dicky scopped it up first time a lovely whiting around 2lbs! DSCN1144

We stuck it out a bit longer and had a few more small whiting and dogs and then decided on a move. As we upped anchor and moved off we passed Ultra White and could see they were having some fun on board dealing with what was obviously a decent conger.











We moved to the club bank and fished there for a couple of hours and didn’t have a bite! So we moved again to the other side of the bank and were joined there by Ultra White. Again no fish for us but the Bristol Boys were busy catching rays and eels. Vicoue was in the river and catching a few small codling as we headed in.

DSCN1141 At the weigh in we were the only boat not to find any codling. It was a really close call with John Dumbleton and Nigel Devey both having codling to weigh in. In the end Nigel’s was half an ounce bigger at 2lbs 9 1/2ozs and John’s was 2lbs 9 ozs. I took third place with my whiting which weeighed 2lbs 1 oz and also took the pools money on the day which had been for biggest whiting.



DSCN1139Martin’s conger was also weighed and came in at a very impressive 32lbs 3oz. Well done all those who attended the match and to Pete for organising it.



It’s also fanatastic to see so many club members who didn’t fish, friends and family turn up for the weigh in and support the club. There is always plenty of banter and laughter at the weigh ins thank you.

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Fred Peter’s Trophy Sunday 23rd November 2014

Tomorrow’s match is ON

Launch at 07:30 off at 08:00.

Back on the beach at 17:00

Biggest cod reserve skate.

Pools is for biggest whiting.

£10 all in.

Hope to see a few of you there.

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Friday 21st November 2014

A poor forecast meant we couldn’t get our own boat out on Friday so we booked a 4 hour evening charter on Scooby Doo Too out of Watchet. Joining me, Dad and Dicky were our esteemed new chairman Pete Nicholson and El Presidente John May. We anchored up on the Boobies (insert your own jokes here!) apparently a favourite haunt of skipper Steve Yendle! Steve was convinced that this mark gave us our best chance of a cod but as the area has recently had an influx of herring he was not overly confident.

We had plenty of good quality slaps, some fresh dug lugworm but, not many due to our poor digging performance that morning. Well Dicky blamed me anyway! Steve provided squid and sprat bait, the sprat’s did account for a lot of fish and seemed to work well something I will be trying up this end.

We caught loads and loads of dogfish, a few congers a smattering of whiting and a small thornie and spotted ray. Dicky took the money for first fish and John May cashed in with the biggest fish a conger. It did get quite rough at the end and at least 4 of us were pleased to head in at the end!

We have not fished with Steve for a number of years but he is still the same, a very knowledgeable and friendly skipper. He runs a clean and tidy boat and with just 6 of us on there was loads of room. Steve worked hard looking after us and a novice who joined us for the trip, unhooking fish, helping with tangles and keeping the tea flowing all trip.

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Saturday 15th November

100_0647We had a charter aboard Valkyrie out of Hayling Island and went looking for cod. As it was a small tide went out about 12 miles to a deep water mark in search of a lunker.


3 hours later with only a few congers and dogfish to show for our efforts we upped anchor and steamed closer in shore.




We fared much better here with more dogfish, whiting small rays and did pick up a couple of codling.100_0645


A tough day but I guess that’s fishing for you.

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