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Four Buoys Saturday 22nd August 2015

11954790_1600787980171665_3738443920239745236_nA short trip over high water on Four Buoys with Dicky & Roy Saxby and Craig Willis on board.




After a quick run out to a bank near Hinkley, they were immediately into fish. Loads of dogfish, thornies and congers up to 15lbs.









The intrepid anglers also got amongst the smoothhounds catching 7 up to a whopping 17lbs 4ozs!! A cracking days fishing in under 5hrs!! When boats have been able to get out, fishing has been fantastic this month.

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Leah’s Fishy Day Out

11895061_1036734196367537_3638809285580548116_oA couple of days after his Woody Bay trip Mark took out Kelly And Leah for a family day’s fishing. They stayed local starting off near to Hinkley and Leah soon had her first fish, a thornback ray, Kelly also got in on the action with a nice smoothhound around 8lbs.11880679_1036734149700875_6499248155241773850_n











Lots of rays, congers and dogfish were caught so many fish that they decided to have a break and go for a cruise down to Lilstock and back!

When they returned Mark anchored on the club bank hoping to find a bass or two. Leah was first to catch a bass a nice fish around 2lbs and Kelly managed to catch another smoothie. 11888093_1036734253034198_7220718710478226991_nMark, determined not to be left out, caught a lovely bass that weighed 5lbs 11ozs and a contender for fish of the month.

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Burnham Boats Channel Adventure

11904635_10205773499111451_6222241734134640186_n3 club boats took full advantage of a fine forecast to head down channel on an exploratory fish finding mission. Pete and Mark on Vicoue launched first at 7:30am and headed straight down to Woody Bay. Lucky Strike with Craig Willis and Alex Wharton and Four Buoys with Stephen, Dicky & Roy Saxby launched later around 9am. Followed by Lucky Strike we set off for Minehead at a good 22 knots. We were soon there and after a bit of messing around we settled in front of Greenaleigh. Target speices were discussed and small eyed rays were aimed for. 11892235_1599193296997800_5614185753808703925_n


We were getting lots of dogfish and quite a few rod rattles which we missed until I finally hooked one and it was a little tope but, it was a first on four buoys so a new boat record! I didn’t hold it for long as Roy quickly had another that was maybe 2 ozs bigger! More dogs followed and then after another tiny bite I hooked something that went mental and was obviously a better fish, a smoothie of around 8lbs.


Plenty more dogfish and a little spotted ray and more dogfish. Craig and Alex were getting dogged out but Alex did manage a small turbot, one of the other species we had hoped to see here.

It was time for a move, so we decided to head down channel to Porlock Weir. We were amazed to find a patch of clear water just off the beach there so we decided to anchor in it and try our luck.

Lots more dogfish but amongst them some real bream like rattles so down went a bream rig with small hooks on a spinning rod and reel.







Well, they were bream, golden bream……..well pouting but a new species on Four Buoys so another boat record for the day. Loads more dogfish, Roy had a smoothie, 5 more spotted rays between us and a couple of small congers on my spinning rod and yet another boat record with the spotties. Craig and Alex were getting dogged out again so time for another move, back up channel this time to Blue Anchor. 11911212_1038336979540592_1204441827_nSport was very slow here with just a few thornback rays and no dogfish. Craig and Alex made a final move back to Hinkley and were rewarded with some more thornies, doggies and conger, we stuck it out at Blue Anchor. Pete and Mark had stayed around Woody Bay all day and, although it was a slow day, Pete did catch a smoothhound and Mark had a tope around 20lbs. They also had bull huss up to 8lbs and loads of dogfish. 11911520_1038336726207284_2127136444_nSurprisingly though they didn’t catch any rays at all. Mark did catch a grey gurnard which he weighed in at 13ozs which is a first for the club and they did see a few dolphins. All in all a great day out with loads of fish and some new species for us, so well worth the effort.

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Fish of the Month Update

Fish of the month for April was won by Richard Saxby with a dogfish of 2lbs.

May saw Pete Nicholson win with a cod of 4lbs 2ozs.

Craig Willis won in June with a thornback ray of 11lbs 2ozs.

Sadly there was no fish weighed for July but August has been very busy! Craig Willis was first with a bass of 5lbs 3ozs. Pete Nicholson and Mark Bowden have both weighed in dogfish of 1lb 4oz and 1lb 11ozs respectively.

Other notable fish both caught by Mark Bowden are, a bull huss of 8lbs and a grey gurnard which weighed 13ozs and will set a new club record as it is a new speicies for the club. August seems to have been a good month for Mark as he also leads the fish of the month at present with a bass caught locally at 5lbs 11ozs. (pictures in latest news & on Facebook). Poor Pete the chair is getting a right hammering this month!


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Saturday 8th August

A short trip over high water for Lucky Strike with Craig Willis and Pete Nicholson, and Four Buoys with Dicky and Roy Saxby. Four buoys went straight out to a bank about 5 miles off shore and were straight into dogfish, rays up to around 10lbs and congers up to 15lbs.










Lucky Strike fished a bank near Hinkley catching rays, dogfish and conger. Pete also had a hound of around 10lbs and Craig a bass of 5lbs 3ozs.11180619_1597186577198472_1427450511713120018_n

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