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Sunday 27th September 2015 The cod are out there!!

12039206_1626059890986698_1897408851369473613_nUltra White and Seanies Flyer launched from Burnham around 8am on Sunday morning and shot straight down to Watchet.  






They found plenty of fish from the off with loads of congers, rays and dogfish, and a few spotted rays as well as lots of small tope and small whiting.







They also managed to catch around half a dozen cod between them, with three crackers landed on Seanies Flyer.


Martin Quinn had two lovely cod weighing in at 12lbs 12ozs and 13lbs 8ozs and his dad John also caught a 14lbs 2oz cod.











A good days sport by any standards and hopefully signs of good things to come for this season’s cod fishing.

Lets hope the weather holds and we can all get out there!

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Wyemouth Away Day 6th September 2015

11226931_1620108591581828_8954522163620731827_nA fine sunny day graced the last match of the year at Weymouth but sadly only 2 boats were able to fish it.

Nigel Devey and Andy Georgiou fished aboard Nigels Ultra White while Martin Quinn on Seanies Flyer had Pete Watson as crew. 11986993_1620108508248503_1905681743168231548_n






According to Nigel it was a slow day really but they did manage to catch mackerel, scad, dogfish, a few red gurnard and Andy had a bonus cod and turbot. 10352559_1620108571581830_5717919796294959231_n






The match was won by Martin Quinn with this lovely undulate ray that weighed 11lbs 6ozs for 81.25% of specimen weight. 11222395_1620108528248501_7590054654020495578_n






Second place went to Pete Watson with a red gurnard of 12ozs for 50% and third was Andy with his 6lbs 1oz cod for 30%.

An enjoyable days fishing in great conditions for a change!

Well done lads.

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Dicky’s September Report for Sea Angling News

Burnham Boat Owners Sea Angling Association


The weather has been more settled since my last report giving us small boat owners more opportunities to get out there fishing. There seems to be an amazing amount of Thornbacks in the bay at the moment although the hounds seem to have finally moved off which is always a shame. The conger numbers are up on previous years and doggies ever present. Bass are still about, not in any great numbers but of a good average size.

Once again our Smoothound comp was cancelled in August but we did get an away day comp on in Weymouth early September. This was fished as a best specimen in glorious sunshine.

1st Martin Quinn Undulate ray 11lb 6oz 81.25%

2nd Pete Watson Red Gurnard 12oz 50%

3rd Andy Georgio Cod 6lb 1oz 30%

Other fish caught were mackerel, scad and turbot.

Our latest comp was a species comp over 29 hours with no boundaries but all boats having to launch and retrieve from Burnham On Sea. 5 boats with 11 anglers took part with some fishing just 1 day and other hardy souls staying out all night, 1 boat even venturing down as far as Combe Martin! In total an impressive 16 species were landed by all.

1st Andy Georgio 11 species

Joint 2nd Craig Willis and Alex Wharton with 10 species. Craig also had a fine Tope estimated at over 20lb from Porlock bay. This was the clubs first species comp and judging by the feedback from members it will be repeated again next year.

Fish of the month for August was won by Mark Bowden with a Bass of 5lb 11oz.

Prospects for the next month look good with the first of the codling showing with numbers expected to increase as the nights draw in. With 2 comps in October hopefully this fine weather will continue and we can all get out catching some fish.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 15th October at Burnham motor boat and sailing club on the sea front.


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Friday, 18th September 2015

Our last sharking trip of the season was cancelled meaning we have lost all four trips this year to the weather. So me and Dicky decided on a quick run out over high water on Four Buoys.DSCN2640


As we intended to launch as early as possible it meant a 5am start in the morning, it was worth it as we managed to launch around 7:30am nearly 4 hours before high tide.


After a lumpy ride out to the banks around Hinkley, we were soon into rays and doggies, some of the dogfish went 2lbs plus. DSCN2643


Dicky was reeling in what he thought was another doggie that all of a sudden felt heavy and a 20lbs plus conger broke the surface beside the boat holding on to another good sized doggie on his hook. The eel took a quick look at Dicky and then let go and sunk back down in the murky water.

As the tide slackened the wind picked up as often happens in the Bristol channel  and then it changed direction blowing North Westerly! The wind was holding us off against the tide so we upped anchor and headed out a bit to find more tide but the wind was increasing and the sea state deteriorating so after half an hour we gave up and headed into the river for the last hour. It was much calmer there but we could only muster one whiting between us.

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Sunday, 13th September 2015


An iffy forecast prohibited us from launching Four Buoys and with reports of patchy fishing at best from the beaches, myself and Dicky decided to join Alex Wharton & Craig Willis, who were going out of Watchet with Steve Yeandle on Scooby Doo Too.


Also on board for the day were local rods Dan Taggart and Damian Close and Barry a holiday maker. On the way out we agreed to have a species hunt competition, £5 a head winner takes all to add a bit spice to the day.




First stop was Hurlstone point and with hopes of a trigger fish down went 2 hook rigs and small hooks. First fish up were pout and doggies and then poor cod. Lots of bites on the small baits and a few congers to the bigger baits.


I managed to sneak out a bull huss of 7lbs plus on my scratching rig and Craig caught a pollack, so we tied on 5 species on the first mark with the rest of the guys on 4.




Steve suggested we move to target rays and maybe a turbot so we headed around a mile back up channel . This proved to be a slow mark but we did add thorn-back rays to the tally. So we moved again to a third mark in front of Minehead town beach, which had thrown out the odd bass lately and did prove much more productive.



Dan found a whiting and a thornie so at one point was in the lead with 6 species.  I had a spotted ray and so did a couple of others, Craig then had a whiting that put him out in front on 7 species followed by 2 or 3 of us on 6.




We were catching loads of congers on pout dead baits and rays on squid baits. I was lucky enough to catch the only bass of the day that we weighed at 4lbs 13ozs and that tied me and Craig on 7 each.




The last 20 minutes were tense with me trying all out for a whiting and Craig desperate for a spotted ray. In the end I managed to win out a pin whiting in the last knockings and win the day with 8 species!

A cracking day out, Steve worked hard as usual to find us fish and there was plenty of banter to keep the day fun even in the odd shower of rain. Was also good to meet a couple of keen anglers in Dan & Damian who I hope enjoyed their day out with the BBOSAA lads.



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