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Sunday’s Match

Sadly the competition due to be held this Sunday 1st May has been cancelled due to the weather forecast.

Next match is the Top Boat Trophy Sunday 22nd May.

Hope to see you all there.

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BBOSAA schedlue for May 2016


We have a reserve competition on Sunday 1st may.
This will be the Presidents cup.
book in is at 10.00 
off hooter at 10.30
back on beach by 16.30
This is only a small tide so may adjust the times slightly to maximise fishing time. keep an eye out on here.

Thursday May 19th club meeting at Burnham Motor Boat & Sailing club.

Sunday May 22nd is the Top Boat Trophy
Book in is at 9.00
Off hooter at 9.30
Back on beach by 18.00

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Some pictures from our Presentation Night



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Ray Farthing Trophy Sunday 17th April 2016

5 boats eventually launched after 2 boats suffered wheel bearing failures on their trailers. Andy Georgiou’s Obsession had to be operated on at the side of the A38!

Whilst on Four Buoys we only made it a few yards up the road before having to put the boat back on the driveway. Luckily for us we had Craig Willis as crew so whilst I unloaded Four Buoys and Dicky shot down to book everyone else in, Craig went and fetched Lucky Strike. As a result we launched later than everyone else but at least we were fishing.

Most boats went down channel with Vicoue staying local. Osprey with Alex Wharton & Dom Stroud fished Blue Anchor Bay Catching loads of dogfish, with a few rays and eels.

Now on lucky strike we joined Ultra White Skippered by Nigel with his two sons as crew and Obsession with Andy, Martin Quinn & Pete Watson fishing around Lilstock.

13012876_10209507867080479_5511765164705877788_nIt was an absolute dogfest with just a few rays and eels and one small managing to find the baits before the doggies. So as the tide dropped we moved down towards Minehead. 

Ultra White & Obession tried down Watchet way but still we were all pestered by dogfish.



Andy Georgiou did manage to catch a cracking bass of around 6lbs but of course with the current laws in place he returned it to the sea.

As the tide turned the wind started to freshen so we upped anchor and headed back to Bridgwater Bay to try and find a cod. Alex followed us up as he damaged his transducer and had no depth sounder. We tried a couple of marks around home but faired much the same.

12805872_1671271599789969_5472736185833447156_nBack on the beach and the scales told the story with only one conger weighed in by Pete Nicholson of 23lbs 8ozs to take first place. Although Mark Bowden had caught one of a similar size but it escaped over the transom as Pete tried to weigh it the landing net which had Mark calling for a stewards inquiry and Pete protesting his innocence!! The only other fish weighed in were doggies with 3 of us tied in 3rd place!



So the results are as follows:

1st Pete Nicholson – conger – 23lb 8oz – 94%
2nd Martin Quinn – doggie – 2lb 6oz – 68%
Joint 3rd James Devey, Craig willis, Stephen Saxby – doggie – 2lb 4oz – 64%

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April Newsletter 2016




Fishing and the weather is definitely on the up in Bridgwater bay with the arrival of spring.

Thornback numbers have increased with fish into double figures showing regularly, boats are catching anything up to 25 rays between 2 anglers. Codling numbers have dipped but this isn’t unusual and we will hopefully get another run of fish before they move back down channel.

There are a lot of conger out there at the moment, mainly straps but a few decent ones and dogs ever present.



The first bass of the season has been caught (and released) by Mark Bowden.






It has to be said it is a ridiculous situation we find ourselves in when all bass caught by recreational anglers have to be returned until the 1st July whilst some of the commercial fleet have had an increase in their catch allowance!!


March 20th on a cold and breezy morning 5 boats with 14 seniors and 1 junior aboard fished the first comp of the year, The Vicoue Trophy. Most boats caught plenty of fish with Aaron Devey on Ultra White coming out on top taking both first and second place.


1st Aaron Devey blonde ray 17lb 8oz  97%

2nd Aaron Devey thornback  11lb 2oz  72%

3rd Terry Garrett  thornback  10lb 2oz  65%

The pools was won by Andy Georgiou with a cod of 7lb 10oz.

As Aaron is not a club member the Vicoue Trophy went to Terry with his thornie.

Three boats got out on the first Sunday in April and had a good days fishing returning well over 50 thornies, lots of eels and a few dogs between them. Biggest thornie went 13lb 8oz for Pete Nicholson and biggest eel went 16lb 10oz for Mark Bowden.

12805872_1671271599789969_5472736185833447156_nApril 17th saw 5 boats and 13 anglers fish the Ray Farthing trophy from Burnham. A chilly start turned into a lovely bright day and lots of fish were caught, most returned with only 5 coming back to the scales. Lots of sub 10lb thornies, straps, dogs, codling and a cracking bass around 6lb for Andy Georgiou (returned of course) made up the catches.

1st Pete Nicholson conger 23lb 8oz 94%

2nd Martin Quinn doggie 2lb 6oz 68%

3rd James Devey, Craig Willis, Stephen Saxby doggie 2lb 4oz 64%

13012876_10209507867080479_5511765164705877788_nPete kept his eel alive in a tank on their boat and returned it after the weigh in which entertained a few spectators on the beach.

Fish of the month for March was won by Terry Garrett with  thornie of 10lb 2oz

On the 1st May we will have another attempt to run our Presidents Cup and 22nd May is The Top Boat trophy. 

Our next  club meeting is on Thursday 19th May at Burnham Motor Boat and Sailing Club on the sea front, pop along if you are interested in joining a friendly club.

You can keep up-to date with latest news and catches and all things fishy on our facebook page and website Burnham Boat Owners Sea Angling Association.

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