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Sunday August 28th Smoothound Comp & President’s Cup

On Sunday 28th August we held 2 competitions, our annual Smoothound Competition in conjunction with the Presidents Cup.


We had a good turn out on the day with 5 boats and 11 seniors and 1 junior angler fishing.

Alex Wharton and his son Jake were out on Osprey, Nigel Devey on Ultrawhite with Aaron Devey.

Andy Georgiou on Obsession with James Devey, Martin Quinn on Seanie’s Flier with John Quinn & Pete Watson and, finally on Four Buoys, Pete Nicholson joined and Dicky Saxby and I.


There were some problems from the off, with both Martin and Andy having engine troubles.

It was pleasing to see all the other boats assisting them as best they could.

In the end Andy’s cooling system cleared itself but, Martin had to be towed out to a mark just outside the river by Nigel.


All the other boats eventually ended up fishing Lilstock.

The fishing was steady with a few hounds showing along with rays, dogfish and small congers.

On Four Buoys both Pete and Dicky had caught a hound but I had failed to catch one, just a small doggie for me.

Still at least they didn’t take the mickey…….much!

As the tide slowed we started to swing around a bit on the anchor rope so we decided to up anchor and head out a little to find a bit more tide and maybe a bass or two.

I managed to loose a good fish in the first 15 minutes!! My day seemed to be getting worse.


We did catch a few rays and dogfish and small eels but as the tide picked up we moved back to Lilstock for the flood.

What a good move that proved to be as my day really picked up and I managed to 6 hounds!!

We finished the day with around a dozen on Four Buoys along with the usual congers, rays and doggies.

The other boats fared similarly. Although Alex on Osprey failed to catch a smoothound, Jake did but it was too lively for him to hold onto for the photo so Dad had to hold it for him!!

Nigel had to collect Martin on the way back and tow him back to shore.

No smoothies on Seanie’s Flier but both Martin and John did catch a nice bass each at 7lbs 2.5ozs and 4lbs 8ozs respectively.


The weigh in was held at the Sailing Club and, as the Smoothound Competition was measure and release it was all calculated using the formula for tope.

The sailing club had kindly donated three engraved glasses for the first 3 places.

Andy Georgiou, who is enjoying a good run of luck lately, came first with a hound of 11.53lbs, Richard Saxby second a 9.53lbs hound and I came third with a 8.43lbs fish.


The Presidents Cup was for best overall specimen and was won by Martin Quinn with his bass of 7lbs 2.5ozs giving him 89% of specimen size and also saw him winning the pools on the day.

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September’s News Letter

By Richard Saxby



A bit more activity since my last report, we’ve even managed a couple of comps!

On Sunday 28th of August 5 boats with 12 anglers fished our first smoothound comp with all fish measured and released, a new format for the club.

14184275_1719208868329575_3062118872938904246_nPlenty of hounds were caught along with thornies, dogs, conger and a couple of bass.

A few hounds were weighed on the boats and they came in significantly heavier than the measurements worked out at.

Winner was Andy Georgiou with a hound of 11.53lb, second was myself with one of 9.35lb and third was Stephen Saxby with 8.43lb.

14199418_10210669840569090_708064809615328207_nAt the same time we also fished The Presidents Cup as 3 other attempts to fish it had been cancelled due to the weather.

This was fished as a best specimen and won by Martin Quinn with a bass of 7lb 2.5oz and 89% which was also the best overall specimen so gave him the pools as well.


Fish of the month for August was won by Martin Quinn with his bass.




Sunday 11th September was the  Fred Peters Trophy fished as a species hunt with no minimum sizes but all fish to be photographed and released.

thumbnail_14141881_10210669842529139_5178656809246411627_nThis should have been a 38 hour comp but due to a poor forecast for the Saturday was reduced to a 13 hour comp with a 3 am start!

None the less 5 boats and 12 bleary eyed anglers made it on the beach for 2.45 am to book in.

The sea was still a tad lively and in the pitch black everyone stayed local until the sun came up then some ventured down channel as far as Porlock but it was slow progress and some time until the sea died down.

Fishing overall was a bit slow probably due to the very small tide but 9 species were caught with the top 3 all tied on 5 species.



Pete Nicholson, Andy Georgiou and Steve Winters shared the honours. Species caught were thornies, dogs, conger, hounds, spotted ray, tope, wrasse, gurnard and 3 beard rockling.

Hopefullly the winds will stay light and we can get out there after the first of the autumn cod over the next few weeks.

As I write this the temperature has started to drop and the nights are drawing in, it’s definitely starting to feel a little coddy.

The next club competition is the Tony Holy Trophy from Burnham on Sea on Sunday 30th October.  

Our next club meeting is on Thursday 20th October at Burnham Motor Boat and Sailing Club on the sea front, pop along if you are interested in joining a friendly club.

You can keep up-to date with latest news and catches and all things fishy on our facebook page and website Burnham Boat Owners Sea Angling Association.

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Pictures from August & September 2016

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W.S.M.S.A.A junior Open

WSM Junior Open 2016 Poster

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Fish of the Month for August 2016.









Fish of the month for August was Martin Quinn’s bass weighing
7lb 2.5oz for 89% of club specimen weight.

Well done Martin.

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