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December’s Schedule

On Sunday 11th December we will hold our Christmas Competition & Top Boat Trophy at Burnham-on-Sea, format to be confirmed.
Book in at 0530 and off 0600, back on beach for 1500hrs.

As there has been an increase in the number of boats and guests at our matches lately and, after a discussion at the last committee meeting, it has been agreed to open the Christmas Competition to include guests fishing on members boats.

It is hoped that this will make it easier for boat skippers to find crew and we can continue to enjoy the sight of more boats entering our competitions as of late!

All guests will be eligible to win the cash prizes on the day by coming first, second or third, or by winning the pools. Guests will not be eligible to win the trophy or to win any of the other prizes on offer on the day.

Thursday 15th is our Christmas Social at the sailing club, this is open to all members and their families and a free buffet will be laid on.

Please can you let Simon or Tracey know if you plan to attend as soon as possible. 

Sunday 18th is set aside for a reserve comp, book in 0600, off 0630 and, back on beach 1130.

Wednesday 28th is another reserve comp, book in 0730, off 0800, back on beach 1600.

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Novembers News Letter 2016


By Richard Saxby

I was hoping to start this months round-up with reports of double figure cod gracing the decks of boats on each trip but unfortunately after a promising start they seem illusive at the moment.

No decent whiting either but with the water temperature still a tad high hopefully everything is just running late.

There have been a few more reports of cod from higher up the channel so hopefully there on the way.


On 30th October we fished The Tony Holly Trophy with 10 boats carrying 24 anglers including 6 guests and a junior.


Weather was reasonable and boats fished from Brean to Blue Anchor in the search of some sport.

Fishing was a little slow but fish caught were thornies, conger, dogs, whiting, a bull huss and a codling.

1st place went to Mike Sheppard with a huss of 9lb 4oz and 74%.

2nd was Nigel Devey with a LSD of 2lb 7oz and 70%.

3rd went to Martin Quinn with a LSD of 2lb 3oz and 63%.

Pools for best cod was won by James Devey with a codling of 2lb 10oz and 15%.




3 boats made it out on the 13th of November in very big tides and the fishing was steady at best. Rays, dogs, straps and small whiting were landed with not a sniff of a cod.

Fish of the month for October was won by Martin Quinn with a bull huss of 10lb 9oz.thumbnail_14657249_1743868605863601_1710435925305725768_n




December is a very busy month with 3 competitions the first being our Xmas comp on the 11th followed by 2 reserve comps on the 18th and 28th .

Our next club meeting is on Thursday 15th December and is our Xmas social at Burnham Motor Boat and Sailing Club on the sea front, pop along if you are interested in joining a friendly club.

You can keep up-to date with latest news and catches and all things fishy on our Facebook page and website


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Results from Wilf Dunstone Trophy- Cod Comp



1st Nigel Devey  cod 12lb 1oz – 67%

2nd Aaron Devey cod  9lb 4oz – 51%

3rd Mike Sheppard cod  2lb 12oz – 15%





Pools Best Specimen, Richard Saxby flounder of 1lb 11oz – 96%

Report to follow shortly.DSCN3542









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Tony Holly Trophy Sunday 30th October


WOW a fantastic turn out for the Tony Holly Trophy on Sunday 30th October!!

TEN boats and 24 anglers fished with 17 being members, we had 6 guests and 1 junior. 



This is the best turnout for some years and is a credit to the club.

It was good to see so many different boats and new faces.




It was a bit crowded on the beach as all the boats were launched but, with a little team work all boats went in safely and gathered in the river waiting for the off.

More engine grief for Martin on Seanie’s Flier but, the Bristol boys rallied round and got his boat back on his trailer and, him and Pete Watson joined Andy Georgiou and guest Mike Sheppard on Obession for the day. 

As it was a fine day boats were able to fish anywhere with some going down to Blue Anchor and others staying more local.


On Four Buoys with myself, Richard and Fred Saxby we started around Hinkley catching a few rays, dogfish and congers.

We gave it an hour or two and then decided on a move down channel to Dunster.

There were 5 other boats there when we arrived but after we dropped anchor they moved off! Must have been something we said.

It soon became apparent why though as we caught dogfish after dogfish.

We stuck it out for a while but the doggies were there in plague proportions so another move this back up channel to Lilstock. Here we found rays and congers in with the dogfish.

14900495_10211331356746581_7655053551954282590_nBack at sailing club and there were a few fish to weigh in, guest Mike Sheppard came in first place and won the money with his bullhuss of 9lbs 4ozs for 74%.

Nigel Devey came second with a dogfish of 2lbs 7ozs for 70% and wins the Tony Holly Trophy as highest placed club member.

Third was Martin Quinn and his dogfish of 2lbs 3ozs for 63%.



James Devey won the pools for best cod with the only one of the day at 2lbs 10 ozs and 15%. 

Fred Saxby raffled off some bottles of wine and raised £36 for the club.

We hope you all had a good day, enjoyed your fishing and will back for the next match which our cod match on Sunday, 27th November.

Here is a list of all the boats who took part and their crews:

Four Buoys- Stephen, Richard & Fred Saxby. Vicoue- Pete Nicholson & Mark Bowden. Ultra White- Nigel, James & Aaron Devey. Lucky Strike- Craig Willis & Terry Garrett. Osprey- Alex & Jake Wharton. Obsession- Andy Georgiou & guest mike Sheppard. Seanie’s Flier- Martin Quinn & Pete Watson. Kingfisher- John Dumbleton & guest. Sand Piper- Steve Winters and guests M. Winters & K. Marshal. Jakatwo- Mike Trott and guests A. Thyer & D. Hurley.  


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Species Hunt Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th September



Sadly we lost a day of this competition due to the poor weather forecast for the Saturday.

After many, many phone calls it was decided to start the comp at 3am on the Sunday morning.

This would allow boats to either fish from 3am till 4pm over both low & high water or just a short trip over the high water.

We must all be mad because all 5 boats that fished this comp decided on the 3am option!!!



We arrived at the car park just before 3am to book in the boats to find that Steve Winter on Sand Piper with Guest Barry Beaton had a flat battery on their truck.

They had driven down the night before and parked down at the sailing club to catch a few hours sleep before the comp.

Luckily we had jump leads and a jump pack on board so we drove down gave them a jump start.




Back in the car park and it seemed we all had similar plans, to fish locally until it was light enough to travel safely down towards Porlock Bay.

Pete Nicholson on Vicoue with Alex Wharton as crew, had put his boat on a pontoon the night before so was waiting for us in the river.



All the other boats seemed to launch ok, so Four Buoys with myself, Dicky Saxby and Craig Willis on board moved on out into the river.

Martin Quinn on Seanie’s Flier with John Quinn and Pete Watson on board had a bit of engine trouble again though.

Not only that but he managed to kneel on his phone climbing in to his boat and break it!

So Nigel on Ultrawhite with Andy Georgiou as crew, had to tow him out and drop him off again.



Not a good start for me either, as we dropped anchor in choppy but fishable conditions I felt rough as.

I didn’t even wet a line, it seems I can’t fish on a boat in the dark!

So I got my head down and waited for it to get light in 3 hours time!






The fishing was slow with just a few dogfish about so, as soon as it was light we headed down channel.

It was a slow ride down in a heavy sea which we were hoping would settle down as we got into Porlock Bay.


It was not to be for us, our engine alarm started to sound as we approached Minehead and we discovered we were running low on engine oil.


We thought we had some on board but we didn’t!

A few phone calls later and Steve Yeandle came to our rescue he had found us some oil via Jon Fairman of Infinity Marine of Minehead who drove to Watchet and delivered it to Steve.

Steve had a trip out around 11:30am and could drop it off to us at sea, a real result for us as we were worried we might not have enough oil to get home!!



Finally around 8:30am I started fishing and struggled all day catching just one dogfish and one smoothound!

It was tough fishing on the day for all boats and only four species on Four Buoys, Thornback Rays, Congers, Dogfish and Smoothounds. Ultrawhite and Vicoue had fished around Porlock and had a few different species between them but had still struggled.



Sand Piper had stayed around the Hinkley and Lilstock area finding six different species between them and of course Martin had stayed where Nigel left him!

Soon enough it was time to head in and Pete collected Martin for the slow run in.

All boats retrieved and it was off to the sailing club for the count up.


Three anglers tied for first place on 5 species, Andy Georgiou again with smoothound, dogfish, tub gurnard, thornback ray and conger eel.

Andy did try and sneak in his starfish for 6 species!!

Steve Winter thornback ray, dogfish, conger eel, spotted ray and a three bearded rockling.

Pete Nicholson also had spotted ray, thornback ray, conger, dogfish and a ballan wrasse.

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