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Decembers News Letter 2016

By Richard Saxby

What a difference a month makes, still plenty of rays, eels and dogs in the bay but at last the cod have turned up too.


Not loads but enough to keep things interesting and of a good average size.

Whiting are also showing with a few better ones approaching 2lb.

The winds have also been a bit kinder, we even fished a couple of comps since the last report.

Sunday 27th November was the Wilf Dunstone Trophy fished as a cod comp and the pools being best specimen.

Another good turnout with 8 boats carrying 16 seniors and 1 junior.

15337461_10209213484988948_5274938605118583090_nMost boats fished in the lee of Brean Down to get some shelter from the brisk ENE winds.

Fish were plentiful but only 5 cod were weighed in with Nigel Devey the winner, with a cod of 12lb 1oz and 67%.

2nd was Aaron Devey with a cod of 9lb 4oz and 51%, with Mike Sheppard 3rd with one of 2lb 12oz and 15%.

Pools was won by myself with a flounder of 1lb 11oz and 96%.


Other fish of note were a lsd of 3lb 2oz again to me, a 3 bearded rockling for John Quinn and a lsd of 2lb 4oz for junior Jake Wharton.

Andy Georgiou managed to sneak out midweek in early December from Portishead and had a cracking day in the sun catching 4 cod to 10lb and a few thornies.


Sunday 11th December was our Xmas Fayre and Top Boat Trophy.

With a decent forecast 9 boats with 23 seniors and 1 junior steamed off in all directions to fish marks from Sand point to Dunster.

Format was best specimen and pools was for the best cod.

It was the busiest weigh in for some time with 11 cod plus a few other species.

There were also a number of thornbacks over the minimum 10lb size that were returned at sea and a conger of 25lb for Stephen Saxby.


Winner of the Xmas Fayre was Terry Garrett with a cod of 13lb 14.5oz and 77%.

Second was Pete Watson with a whiting of 1lb 10oz and 76% and third was Fred Saxby with a cod of 12lb 9oz and 70%.

Chris Lindsay weighed in a haddock of 1lb 8oz which is the first one I’ve seen from Burnham, he also dropped another at the side of the boat!


Fish of the month for November was won by Richard Saxby with a flounder of 1lb 11oz.

The first competition for 2017 is on Sunday 29th January and is the Presidents cup.

Our next club meeting is on Thursday 19th January at Burnham Motor Boat and Sailing Club on the sea front, pop along if you are interested in joining a friendly club.


You can keep up-to date with latest news and catches and all things fishy on our Facebook page and website

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Christmas Match & Top Boat Trophy Report 2016


On Sunday 11th December we held our final competitions of the year out of Burnham-on-Sea, this was our Christmas Comp and Top Boat Trophy.

Nine boats launched with a total of 24 anglers on a cold and foggy morning assisted by Simon and his tractor.

At the start boats went off in different directions with all in search of big cod.

The Christmas comp was to be fished as best specimen and the pools was to be fished as biggest cod.



We also fished for the Top Boat Trophy on the day and this was run as, best boat aggregate percentage specimen score.

The Bristol Boys in their three boats, all headed off to Sand Point where they found rays, congers a few dogfish and codling.  

All the other boats stayed local, although Alex Wharton on Osprey did go down as far as Dunster, he was soon back up in Bridgewater Bay.

15078936_10211453812247892_3447306631357814293_nCraig Willis and Terry Garrett on Lucky Strike fished a bank about 5 miles out and found lots of thornback rays and small whiting along with a few congers.

On Four Buoys we stayed closer to Hinkley and had a steady stream of thornback rays up to 10lbs and conger eels, I had a boat record eel which we weighed on board at 25lbs and returned.

Fred Saxby also broke another of our boat records with his fine cod of 12lbs 9ozs.

Surprisingly we only had one dogfish all day. As the day went on we could see most boats had moved at least once during the day following the tide and hunting out those cod.

DSCN3565It was a good move for Lucky Strike as they had moved on to the club bank where, Terry caught this cracking cod of 13lbs 14 1/2ozs.

Back at the sailing club for the weigh and there was plenty of banter and lots of fish to weigh in.

There was even a surprise haddock of 1lb 8ozs weighed in as, Chris Lindsay continued his run of bringing fish to the scales in both matches he has fished!!

Chris had lost another haddock at the boat as well.



In total 11 cod were brought to the scales with three of those reaching double figures.

Pete Watson also had a nice whiting of 1lb 10ozs.

Tracey had put on a welcome supply of sausages and roast potatoes for us to munch as we waited for Dicky to sort out the results.



It took a lot of working out as well!

Good job Tracey also had the bar open!

Tracey and Simon had also organised a very impressive prize table as well.

And so to the results, Terry Garrett took first place with his cod of 13lbs 14 1/2ozs for 77% winning a fantastic food hamper and also pocketing the pool’s money!

Second place was Pete Watson and his whiting of 1lb 10ozs for 76% and, third place was Fred Saxby with another cod of 12lbs 9ozs for 70%.

Other fish of note were Martin Quinn with a cod of 11lbs 4 1/2ozs for 63% and Chris Lindsay’s haddock.

The Top Boat trophy was won by Seanies Flier with 46%, second was Ultra White with 45% and third was Lucky Strike with 38.5%.

All in all another very successful match and we hope you all enjoyed it.



Here follows a full list of boats and crews who fished this match:

Four Buoys- Stephen, Richard, Fred & Roy Saxby.

Lucky Strike- Craig Willis & Terry Garrett.

Jackatoo- Mike Trott, Andy Thyers & Dave Hurley.

Ultra White- Nigel, Aaron & James Devey.    

 Ultra Mover- Chris Lindsay & Dave Teather.

Osprey- Alex & Jake Wharton.

Seanies Flier- Martin & John Quinn with Pete Watson.

Obsession- Andy & Anthony Georgiou & Mike Sheppard.

Vicoue- Pete Nicholson & Mark Bowden.

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Xmas comp and Top Boat Trophy Sunday 11th December 2016



This Sunday 11th is Xmas comp and Top Boat Trophy.
book in 5.30, off 6.00, back on beach 15.00
1st – 3rd best specimen
Pools best cod, reserve whiting.
The Top Boat Trophy is only for the trophy and no prizes. Every person on a boat can weigh in their best specimen and then the boat with the highest average specimen % wins the trophy. Points won also go to towards your Porthcawl totals. Hope this all makes sense.

Weigh in at sailing club.
Hope to see you all there.

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Pictures from November 2016

15078936_10211453812247892_3447306631357814293_nDSCN3542 DSCN3555 DSCN3549 DSCN3540 DSCN3524 DSCN3557 DSCN3528 DSCN3531 DSCN3559 DSCN3519 DSCN3553 DSCN3543 DSCN3551

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Wilf Dunstone Trophy – Cod Competition Sunday 27th November 2016



On Sunday 27th November 2016 we held the Wilf Dunstone Trophy in conjunction with the Cod competition at Burnham on Sea.

We had a great response again with 8 boats launching with 16 senior anglers & 1 junior. 

DSCN3519Even Chris Lindsay turned up on Ultra Mover!!

All boats stayed local due to the forecast with most finding shelter from Brean Down or the local banks.



On Lucky Strike Craig with Terry Garrett as crew, ventured a bit further out than most but they did pay the price when the tide turned as the sea got up rough!

There were plenty of fish caught throughout the day, with lots of thornback rays, conger eels, dogfish and whiting being landed.

DSCN3540 The trophy was fished as a cod competition with the pools being for best specimen.

Nigel Devey took first place and won the cup with his cod of  12lbs 1oz for 67%. 

Second was Aaron Devey with another nice cod weighing 9lbs 4ozs for 51%.

Mike Sheppard came third with his cod of 2lbs 12ozs for 15%.




Richard Saxby won the pools with his flounder of 1lb 11ozs and 96%, he also had a 3lbs 2oz dogfish.

John Quinn weighed in a three bearded rockling which went 13ozs and junior member Jake Wharton weighed in a dogfish of 2lbs 4ozs beating Dad Alex again!DSCN3551


Even Chris Lindsay brought a fish to the scales with a cod of 2lbs 7ozs and therefore won the challenge that had been set by Pete Nicholson, Nigel Devey & Andy Georgiou!!
He was so excited to have finally been out fishing that he nearly fell out of his boat!!
It was great to see so many boats out again, hopefully the 3 guest anglers enjoyed their day’s fishing and we see them again at future matches.
There are details of the next match, the Christmas Fayre, on Sunday 11th of December on Facebook and elsewhere on this website but just to remind you all that guests are welcome.
Here follows a list of all boats and crew who attended the Wilf Dunstone Trophy:
Vicoue Pete Nicholson & Richard Saxby, Osprey Alex and junior Jake Wharton, Seanies Flyer Martin & John Quinn, Lucky Strike Craig Willis & Terry Garrett, Ultra Mover Chris Lindsay & Dave Tether, Ultra White Nigel & Aaron Devey, Obsession Andy Georgiou & guest Mike Sheppard & finally Mike Trott on Jackatoo with and 2 guests D Hurley & Andy Thyer. 
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