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July’s News letter 2017

By Richard Saxby


The last month has again been blowy with only a few opportunities to get afloat.

There are still loads of fish in the bay with hounds, rays, eels, dogs and bass all within 5 miles of the slip and many more species if the weather allows us to put the hammer down and steam down channel.


Sunday June 18th and 7 boats with 16 anglers towed down to Brixham for a friendly comp with Brixham sea angling club.


The weather for once was amazing with sunshine and flat seas all day.



It made a pleasant change to fish in clear water and we started the day mackeral bashing for bait before moving on down to the skerries.

There were plenty of plaice caught but mostly on the small side.



Most boats had a spell at anchor off Start point catching huss, dogs, pout and a few rays and straps.

Winner on the day was Brixhams Rob Caunters with a SE ray and Brixham won overall.

There haven’t been any comps from Burnham since the last report but a few boats have made it out when possible.

July 9th 3 boats launched from Burnham all staying local as the forecast was not great.

Nonetheless they all caught lots of fish with Mark, Kelly and  Leah Bowden finding a nice bass each on Vicoue and plenty of hounds for everyone out there.



Highlight of the day must be our club secretary Simon Stroud getting his boat out for the first time in 14 YEARS after an extensive (and lengthy) re-fit.


July 22nd and 2 boats made it out in a brisk southerly.

No bass were found but fishing was very busy. 

On Four Buoys we had 30+ rays with a large amount of small ones around 2lb which can only be good for the future.


Biggest hound went 15-4 to Stephen Saxby.


The next club competition is on Sunday 20th August and will be our 4th attempt at the Fred Peters Trophy.



Our next club meeting is on Thursday 21st  September at Burnham Motor Boat and Sailing Club on the sea front, pop along if you are interested in joining a friendly club.

You can keep up-to date with latest news and catches and all things fishy on our facebook page and website


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Pictures from July 2017

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Sunday 9th July Watchet Trip


As the comp at Burnham had been called off a group of us decided on a last minute charter on Scooby Doo Too with Steve Yeandle.

Myself and Richard Saxby met Terry Garrett and Craig Willis at Watchet and after a quick sausage bap and cup of tea we boarded and met our fellow crew members for the day.



We were soon on way down towards Bossington where we stopped to try our luck feathering for mackerel.


It was a slow start with just a couple of small pollack for our efforts but we stuck at it and, we were rewarded with a fine box of mackerel for our bait for the day.

Once we had caught enough it was off further down channel to Ivystone for our first drop of the anchor.

Here we caught steadily with bull huss, smoothound, a small blonde ray, thornback ray, dogfish and pout.

The tide was easing and so we were able to move into deeper water half a mile or so further out after the tope.


Again we started to catch smoothies and bullhuss until Terry hooked something which was obviously a bit bigger.

After a brief but dogged fight he lost the fish and after inspecting his rig found the hook had been broken by the fish.

Which we all suspected had been a decent sized conger eel.

Dicky was next in on the big fish action hooking a fish that really gave him the run around.

After a good fight the fish finally surfaced and revealed herself to be a cracking female tope of at least 45lbs and the biggest anyone on board  had seen for a very long time.

Sadly the trace gave way as we were trying to get her into the net and, she slipped away back into the deep water, but what a fish she was. 

As the tide increased the wind got up and we moved back to our first mark.

Again we found the hounds bull huss and dogfish on the feed.

I even caught a surprise octopus!

A new species and a PB for me!

The wind had steadily increased since the turn of the tide and it was soon time to head home.

Once again a good days fishing with Steve Yeandle and as ever we all enjoyed the company and the laughs. 

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Sunday 9th July 2017 B-O-S


On Sunday 9th July we were due to hold the Fred Peters trophy out of Burnham-on-Sea.

With the forecast giving increasing westerly winds through out the day the decision was made to cancel the comp. Three club boats decided to brave the weather and venture out anyway.


Sadly Andy Georgiou had engine trouble on Obsession but the lads rallied round and soon had him sorted.

They put the boat on a pontoon berth at the sailing club and Andy joined Nigel Devey and his sons Aaron & James on Ultra White whilst Anthony Georgiou joined Simon Stroud & Alex Wharton on Ultra Fisher.


Both boats were soon out fishing and getting amongst the hounds that are currently feeding hard in Bridgwater Bay.



There were also rays, congers and the odd dogfish caught.

It has to be said that at the time of writing this, there have been very few dogfish around this year compared to the last few years.

On Vicoue it was a true family affair with both Kelly and Leah joining Mark Bowden for a day out.



They also found the smoothounds with Leah catching a hound of 15lb 9oz by formula.



Not only that but they all had a bass each with Kelly having the better fish at 4lbs 12oz and Leah’s weighing 4lbs 9oz!

The wind did get up as forecast and the last few hours were a bit frisky but the guys had all had a great days fishing by then. 

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The Launch of a Legend Sat 8th July 2017




Saturday the 8th of July in the year 2017 will be forever written into the folklore of the towns folk of Burnham-on-Sea.

What started off as a normal Saturday with people merrily walking down the bustling streets of Burnham about their business was soon to be changed forever.

In the early afternoon the rumblings of the Stroud’s tractor could be heard as it made its way along the sea front.


Not an uncommon sound, and you would imagine most folk had heard this noise before and mostly at ungodly times in the morning but, this was different.

The tractor was obviously straining, groaning almost with the weight of the load being towed behind it.


The towns folk were forced to shield their eyes as the sunlight reflected off chrome work of the tractors burden.


As the sun slipped behind a cloud and the the glare from the newly polished chrome abated, there before their very own eyes she sat proud on her trailer, ULTRAFISHER.

Many had heard tales, passed down the generations of such a mythical beast that did dwell in a cave down Oxford Street.

Some had even claimed to have seen her in her abode, skulking menacingly there but, none had ever expected to see her abroad in daylight hours!


Within a twixt she was on the beach and very soon launched.

Her bottom feeling the cold of the murky Brizzle Channel waters for the first time.

A turn of the key and she spluttered in to life breathing smoke on to the calm waters.

It was not long before she was tearing at her leash, straining to go faster and to thrill all those brave enough to attempt to tame her.

On that day a few chosen souls were blessed with the feeling of the bracing wind tugging at their clothes as she tore through the water along the sea front.

Many will claim that they were there that very first day to see her release and new tales will be told but, I give you all a warning now.

She is released, and fate of us all is in Simon’s hands………………………Lord protect us all!


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