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News letter March

By Richard Saxby


The last month has been an absolute disaster weather wise with no boats managing to launch from Burnham.

We can only hope that things improve as it is getting depressing working all week, often in light southerly winds only for the weekend to come around and the wind pick up and turn northerly keeping the boats on their trailers.

By now there should be the first bass in the bay and some fresh spring codling we just need to be able to get out there and find them.


The first of the smouthounds should make an appearance further down channel which will add a bit of variety for those prepared to steam down there.

Six club members have just paid Skjervoy in Norway a visit and although they experienced some fairly severe weather restricting their fishing on a couple of days they still managed to land some good fish.

Mainly cod were caught but also coalies, wolf fish, haddock and halibut with the highlights being a pb halibut of 62lb for Andy Georgiou, a cod of 47lb for Nigel Devey and a beast of a cod and pb of 72lb for Anthony Georgiou.

Fish of the month for February sponsored by Thyers Tackle of Highbridge was a tie with both myself and James Devey catching a thornback of 10lb 11oz and 69%.

The next club competition is the Vicoue Trophy on the 15th April.


We don’t have a club meeting in April as we hold our presentation evening on Friday 20th at Burnham Motor Boat and Sailing Club on the sea front, pop along if you are interested in joining a friendly club.

You can keep up-to date with latest news and catches and all things fishy on our Facebook page and website Burnham Boat Owners Sea Angling Association.

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Fish of the Month March 2018


Fish of the month for March 2018 sponsored by Thyers Fishing Tackle of Highbridge, in conjunction with BBOSAA members.





Sadly there have been no fish weighed in for March so lets hope April is a better month.

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Fred Peters Trophy Sunday 18th February 2018


On Sunday 18th February we held the Fred Peters Trophy out of Burnham on Sea.

Five boats turned out with a total of 14 anglers, most boats fished locally with a couple of boats straying as far as Lilstock.

On Four Buoys we had a full contingent of Saxby’s on board and fished a few marks only managing 6 thornies between us.

I failed to even register a bite all day!


Pete Nicholson and Alex Wharton on Vicoue fared much the same with Pete blanking and Alex having a couple of rays.

It was a Similar story for Mike Trott and his two guests on Jackatoo as they found it very hard to find any fish.

The Bristol Boys had fished Lilstock and struggled there as well, Nigel on Ultrawhite with his two sons Aaron & James had a move and did find a few fish in the end.

Whilst on Seanies Flier, Martin Quinn left it to the last 15 minutes before landing his only two fish of the day a nice codling and a thornback ray.

Fishing with Martin, Andy Georgiou had the same sort of day as me! Enough said!

So a tough days angling for all and only 4 fish were brought to the scales for the weigh in. 

Tied in first place with thornback rays of 10lb 11oz for 69% were Richard Saxby & James Devey.

Nigel Devey took 3rd place with his thornback ray of 10lb 6oz for 67%.

Martin Quinn took the pools with the only codling of the day weighing 5lb 2oz.

The Strouds were out in force, the lads with the tractor helping with the launching and retrieving  & Tracey running the bar also a welcomed tray of her sausages & roast potatoes.

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