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News Letter April 2018

By Richard Saxby



At last spring has sprung, temperatures have been slowly rising and even the wind is giving us the odd break to get out.

The summer fish are moving in lower down the channel and over the next few weeks we should see the first hounds showing in the bay.

As I write this temperatures are just starting to drop again but hopefully this will be short lived and we can look forward to blue skies and light winds.

March 25th Four Buoys with a crew of 4 made it out for a short one over high.

Fishing was very busy with an incredible 52 thornies caught but nothing over 7lb, the seabed must have been carpeted with them as nothing else had a look in.

April 8th and Four Buoys was out again for another short one over high water with just a crew of 2.

There rays weren’t as plentiful as before but it did give the conger and dogs a chance to add a bit of variety.

On the same day Nigel Devey and Andy Georgiou towed Ultra White down to Weymouth for their first away day of the year.

They found a few small turbot and dogs on the shambles and Nigel had a nice undulate of 14lbs.

A move for plaice worked out ok with the best going 4lb again to Nigel.


April 14th and a few of us had a charter on Valkyrie 7 from Hayling Island 40 miles out in the English channel drifting for pollack.

It was fairly slow in the morning but picked up in the afternoon and we all had a few fillets to take home.

Nothing massive with fish to about 12lbs but good sport on balanced tackle.

Four Buoys made it out again for another short one on the 21st.

Just 2 on board again, we started off at Lilstock hoping for a late cod. Sport was steady with rays, dogs and conger but at slack water we made a move to a bank for the start of the ebb tide.

It turned out to be a good move as within 5 minutes of setting the anchor Stephen Saxby had something different that was swimming across the tide and staying a bit deeper.

I grabbed the net just as the first bass of the year popped out of the murky water.

At 3lb 10oz it was a welcome sight even though it had to be released.

On Friday 20th  we held our presentation evening at the sailing club.

Top man for the year was undoubtedly Andy Georgiou collecting 8 trophies including the Mustad Trophy for the most points over the year, the Labbe cup for the most species and the Best Overall Specimen with a conger of 33lb 51/2oz.

Nigel Devey was runner up for the Mustad Trophy and his boat Ultra White won the Porthcawl trophy for the most points for the year.

Many thanks for the committee for organising yet another great evening.

There is a full list of winners on our Facebook page and website.


Fish of the month for March sponsored by Thyers Tackle of Highbridge went unclaimed due to no-one getting out.

The next club competition is the Ray Farthing Trophy on the 13th May with a reserve date on the 27th..

The next club meeting is on Thursday 17th May  at Burnham Motor Boat and Sailing Club on the sea front, pop along if you are interested in joining a friendly club.

You can keep up-to date with latest news and catches and all things fishy on our facebook page and website Burnham Boat Owners Sea Angling Association.


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Fish of the Month April 2018




Fish of the month for April 2018 sponsored by Thyers Fishing Tackle of Highbridge, in conjunction with BBOSAA members.


Well sadly April was no better than March so there has been no fish weighed in again this month.

On a brighter note May is looking better and boats are managing to get out fishing so lets hope we can break this run! 

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