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Fred Peters Trophy Sunday 18th February 2018


On Sunday 18th February we held the Fred Peters Trophy out of Burnham on Sea.

Five boats turned out with a total of 14 anglers, most boats fished locally with a couple of boats straying as far as Lilstock.

On Four Buoys we had a full contingent of Saxby’s on board and fished a few marks only managing 6 thornies between us.

I failed to even register a bite all day!


Pete Nicholson and Alex Wharton on Vicoue fared much the same with Pete blanking and Alex having a couple of rays.

It was a Similar story for Mike Trott and his two guests on Jackatoo as they found it very hard to find any fish.

The Bristol Boys had fished Lilstock and struggled there as well, Nigel on Ultrawhite with his two sons Aaron & James had a move and did find a few fish in the end.

Whilst on Seanies Flier, Martin Quinn left it to the last 15 minutes before landing his only two fish of the day a nice codling and a thornback ray.

Fishing with Martin, Andy Georgiou had the same sort of day as me! Enough said!

So a tough days angling for all and only 4 fish were brought to the scales for the weigh in. 

Tied in first place with thornback rays of 10lb 11oz for 69% were Richard Saxby & James Devey.

Nigel Devey took 3rd place with his thornback ray of 10lb 6oz for 67%.

Martin Quinn took the pools with the only codling of the day weighing 5lb 2oz.

The Strouds were out in force, the lads with the tractor helping with the launching and retrieving  & Tracey running the bar also a welcomed tray of her sausages & roast potatoes.

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Presidents Cup Sunday 14th January 2018

On Sunday 14th January 2018 we held the Presidents Cup out of Burnham-on-Sea.

Not the best start for us as our 4×4 broke down whilst towing the boat to the beach!

Luckily Simon was on hand with his tractor and we soon had the boat launched and the truck parked up.

There were 8 boats entered on the day with 7 launching from the beach and Dave Lewis on Storm with 2 guests on baord joined us from the river.

On Four Buoys we had a full crew of Saxby’s with Fred, Roy Dicky and myself.

We had decided to head down to Watchet having heard of quite a few cod showing and we were straight into fish with rays, congers and a few whiting showing.


Talking to the other boats it seemed we were fairing much better than them.

Pete Nicholson & Terry Garrett on Vicuoe were really struggling and had a tough day.

They tried a few marks from Brean to Lilstock but only managed to find a couple of rays and whiting.

On Four Buoys we made a couple of moves looking for more  tidal flow but as we hadn’t seen a cod we decided to head back up channel.

Martin Quinn and Andy Georgiou on Seanie’s Flier were fishing Lilstock along with Nigel and Aaron Devey on Ultra White.

They were finding the fishing very slow but Martin had caught a couple of small codling which he returned.

Other boats fishing on the day were, Elusive Tide with Darren Govier & Paul Wyman, Mike Trott on Jackatoo with 2 guests on board, and Shearwater with Jeff Clarke and guest Mitch Ando.


They all stayed local and had a tough day but did manage to find some rays, conger whiting and a few dogfish.

Our final mark for the day was a patch of coral near Hinkley.

Nigel and Aaron were already on it we arrived, they had struggled to find any fish at Lilstock so moved.

Nigel had caught a nice cod just before we joined them.

As the tide picked up here we started to catch fish again with thornback rays and whiting coming on the feed.


All to soon it was time to head back in and at the weigh in there were a couple of nice cod brought to the scales.

Nigel’s fish weighed in at 12lb 3oz and gave him first place.

Martin Quinn had also had a nice cod at 11lb 4oz and a smaller one of 4lb 3oz giving both 2nd and 3rd place on the day.


It was another good turn out on what was very cold day and it was also great to see so many back at the sailing club for a drink a laugh afterwards.

Thanks to Kelly and Mark Bowden for organising the food and to Tracey for opening the bar.  

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Thornback Trophy Thursday 28th December 2018.

On Thursday 28th December we held the Thornback Trophy out of Burnham-on-Sea, this had been along time coming after being called off 3 times!

This was a shorter comp than normal just 6 hours as we fished over high water.

Another decent turn out with 7 boats and 15 anglers fishing.

The forecast was breezey to start with but the wind was due to die down during the day.

It was a slow run out of the river with some good sized swells slowing us down.


With me on Four Buoys were Fred & Richard Saxby, we decided to find shelter and fished a bank around Hinkley where we joined Chris Lindsay and Dave Teather on Ultra Mover.

Both boats found a good number of rays, congers, whiting and dogfish but sadly no cod.

2 boats braved the swells and fished around Brean Down with Nigel Devey & Andy Georgiou on Ultra White and Martin and John Quinn on Seanie’s Flier.

Conditions were a tad lumpy for them and the fishing was tough there.

Simon Stroud on Ultra Fisher stayed in and around the river with Andy Reeve on board, they had some good rays, doggies and congers.

Alex Wharton on Osprey with Neil Flay stayed in the river and had a very tough day failing to find any fish.

Pete Nicholson on Vicoue with Terry Garrett as crew fished the North Channel and had a good day finding some cod, whiting rays and congers.


At the weigh in there were a few whiting weighed in and Pete had a nice cod of 12lb 2oz that won him the pools on the day.

3 rays were also weighed in, with Pete Nicholson coming third with a 10lb 7oz Thronie for 67%.

Next up was Andy Reeve with a ray of 11lb 10oz for 75% and second place.

First was Simon Stroud with another Thornback ray of 12lb 7oz for 80%.

Again thanks to Tracey for cooking the sausages and roast potatoes and opening the bar.

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Wilf Dunstone Trophy- Sunday 19th November 2017


On Sunday 19th November we fished the Wilf Dunstone Trophy out of Burnham-on-Sea.


It was great to see so many turn out for the match with 8 boats launching with a grand total of 20 anglers on board.


We had Craig Willis on board Four Buoys with myself and Richard Saxby.

First stop for us was the club bank looking for a late season bass that sadly didn’t show.

We did catch rays, doggies and congers here though but it was soon time to move on in search of cod.

We fished Brean Down area next, joining Seanie’s Flier and Ultra White who had both been there from the start.

There was a full crew of Devey’s on Ultra White with both James and Aaron out with their dad Nigel.

They were fishing a bit further out into the tide than us and had already caught their first cod by the time we arrived.



Martin Quinn had Andy Georgiou and Pete Watson out with him for the day on Seanie’s Flier.

They were quite a bit closer to the shore than us and were steadily catching rays and doggies.

As the tide died we started to get a run of small congers that did good impressions of codling as we brought them to the boat, as well as lots of rays and a few whiting.


We decided to move out to find the last of the ebb tide which proved to be a good move as Craig had a cracking cod of 8lb 13oz within 15 minutes.

Andy also had one on Seanies Flier and as the tide turned and picked up speed I caught the second cod on Four Buoys around 4lbs.



Ultra White now had 3 cod and the tide was starting to rip through we could hardly hold bottom and then our anchored slipped.

We didn’t have long left anyway so we headed in a bit early.


Back on the beach and a chance to catch up with the other boats, Mark Bowden had fished solo on Vicoue and stayed local.

He had a good days fishing catching rays, congers and the usual dogfish.


Jackatoo also stayed local fishing marks around Hinkley and Lilstock, Mike Trott had guests Dave Hurley & Bob Brown on board.

They also had a  great days fishing catching fish from the off with lots of thornback rays up to 8-9lb, dogfish to 2lb some whiting and congers.

Steve Winters & Chris Walker on Sand Piper fared much the same & As did Geoff Clarke on Shearwater with Mitch Ando.


On Ultra Fisher Simon Stroud was joined by Chris Lindsay and Dave Teather.

They travelled down to Minehead where amongst all the usual fish Dave also had a nice blonde ray.


At the weigh in 7 cod were brought to the scales the biggest being a 9lb fish caught By Nigel Devey giving him first place.

Craig Willis and Andy Georgiou tied for second place with their cod of 8lb 13oz.

Aaron Devey won the pools for best specimen with a dogfish of 2lb 11oz.

As always it was great to see so many people join us at the sailing club for a beer after the match.

The much missed sausages and roast potatoes also made a very welcome return thanks to Tracey Stroud!

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Tony Holly Trophy- Sunday 15th October 2017

5 boats and 15 anglers braved an early start to fish the Tony Holly Trophy out of Burnham-on-Sea on Sunday 15th October.

Both Simon Stroud & Alex Wharton had only landed back in England a couple of hours earlier on their return from sunny Greece! 

It was an uneventful launch and all boats set off to their various marks in the dark.

On Four Buoys were myself, Dicky & Fred Saxby, we stayed local until it got light looking for an early morning bass.

Craig Willis with Damian Close as crew on Lucky strike had the same idea.

Both boats caught rays, dogfish and congers here but the bass were elusive.

Out on Obsession with Andy Georgiou were Nigel Devey & Martin Quinn, they headed straight down to Watchet searching for an early season cod.

On Ultra Mover were Chris Lindsay & Dave Teather who along with Ultra Fisher with a full crew of, Simon & Dom Stroud and Alex & Jake Wharton fished around St Audries bay to start with.

Eventually all 5 boats were fishing together around Watchet, fishing was steady with lots of dogfish, thornback rays, conger eels and even a few Watchet Bay tope and small whiting being caught.

Craig Willis did manage to catch the only codling of the day here but it was just under size.

There were also a couple of decent eels nearing 25lb lost at the boat, just don’t mention it to Dave Teather as he is still sore about it, isn’t he Chris Lindsay!

As the day progressed and with no cod showing on Four Buoys we moved back up to Hinkley catching more rays, congers and doggies.

Lucky Strike fished the club bank for much the same and the 2 Ultra’s had moved to Lilstock and were still catching eels, rays and dogfish.

Although all boats fished hard and lots of fish were caught on the day not many were in size and in fact only one fish was brought to the scales!

Dave Teather weighing a dogfish of 1lb 13oz for 60% and winning the Tony Holly Trophy for best  specimen.

Tracey had opened the bar for us back at the sailing club and we were joined by a few guys who hadn’t been able to fish on the day for a beer and some banter.

We had to draw for second & third place and the pools money and, Fred raised a few quid for the club by raffling off a few bottles of wine.

So well done all those that fished and thanks for the support of all the members who attended the day.  


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