Four Buoys Goes South – Fowey report

By Richard Saxby



It had long been an ambition of mine to catch a shark on our own boat so after some research I managed to convince the co-owners of Four Buoys that a 4 day trip to Fowey would produce the goods.

So on Monday 24th September me, my brother Stephen, dad Fred and uncle Roy towed the 3 hours down to Cornwall and by 12.00 we were slipping the boat off the trailer into the picturesque harbour.


With a settled forecast for the 4 days we decided to head offshore for the sharks on the middle 2 days and stay inshore on the first and last day.

A few drifts just outside the harbour found us enough mackerel for the following day so we moved out a few miles to try and locate an inshore wreck.

It was fairly scattered and broken up but held a decent number of pollack which were taking a liking to our soft plastics and a small ling which was a first for the boat.

Once we had our fill we came back in and had a slow drift back along the harbour where Stephen caught a nice plaice.

A quick wash down before we retrieved the boat then off to our campsite.



Tuesday started off with a drift for mackerel to top up the bait box then a steam out to the 10 mile mark.


With the chum slick working and 4 baits set at various depths and distances hopes were high and after 40 minutes the first clicks rung out as a shark made off with a bait.



Unfortunately the hook didn’t stick and this was repeated on the second run.

Thankfully the next run resulted in a good hook up and Fred played a nice blue of around 55lbs to the boat.

I was next up and it wasn’t to long before I landed a small blue of 25lb.

Roy was next with another blue of about 40lbs and in between runs we fished on the bottom catching a steady stream of whiting biggest of 2-3 again to Fred.

Unfortunately the day came to a premature end when Fred managed to stick a hook right in his finger so a quick trip to minor injuries was needed to get it removed.

Wednesday was a foggy start but by the time we had prepped the boat the sun had burnt it off and another fine day lay ahead.


Another quick stop for fresh macky both for bait and chum then a 40 minute steam to the same spot from the day before.

The wind had changed direction and this resulted in a more southerly drift but the sharks were just as obliging.

Stephen was first up with a blue of around 40lb and 4 more followed at regular intervals then we had a strong run on the furthest rod.

This fish fought harder and went on several runs and we were all expecting a bigger blue for Fred but as I hand lined the fish up on the trace a porbeagle came out of the depths.

Not a monster at around 55lbs but a first both for Fred and the boat, happy days.

One more run and I had my first beagle, only a baby at 19lbs but I was chuffed to finally get one, total for the day was 5 blues and 2 porgies.



Thursday was our last day and with a 3 hour tow back to Burnham and then a 90 minute drive back to Oxfordshire we fished inshore again.

Plenty of mackerel, pollack and I caught another first with a john dory of 2-8.

Overall we had a fantastic 4 days with 3 pb’s and 6 boat records for Four Buoys. Fowey is a great place to stay and we will return next year.

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Fish of the Month for August & September 2018


Fish of the Month 2018 sponsored by Thyers Fishing Tackle of Highbridge, in conjunction with BBOSAA members.

Plenty of fish were caught in August but sadly there were no fish weighed in.


September was a better month though and there have been quite a few fish of note caught both home and away.


Winner of fish of the month for September was Andy Georgiou with this specimen thornback ray of 15lb 8oz for 100%.









Nigel Devey had this fine bass of 8lb weighed on board and returned.



Martin Quinn also got in on the action catching a tub gurnard that weighed 1lb 8oz, setting a new club record.



Away from Burnham the Saxby crew had a 4 day away trip on Four Buoys fishing for sharks.

Fred Saxby was top rod catching three sharks including this porbeagle shark, estimated at 55lb held here by Richard Saxby.

Apparently the teeth were too big for Fred!!



He aslo had a nice blue shark around 45-50lb which he was happier to hug!






Richard Saxby joined in the action with 3 sharks of his own and this beautiful John Dory of 2lb 8oz.






I did contribute myself, by catching our boat record¬†ling ………….¬†well they don’t all have to be monsters!!

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Mark Bowden out and about.



Since he and Pete sold their boat Mark Bowden has been hitting the beaches in search of bass.

He had this fine fish of around 5lbs whilst fishing Brean beach.

Well done Mark.

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Newsletter September 2018

By Richard Saxby



It’s been a couple of months since my last report, the temperature is starting to drop and the nights are drawing in.

Autumn is definitely on the way and with it will bring a change in species.


Smouthounds have pretty much left the bay now and in the next month hopefully we will see the first of the codling and whiting.


The whiting fishing over the last couple of winters has been fairly good with decent numbers to around 2lb.

Hopefully the cod will be plentiful and come October we may even be able to retain a bass if lucky enough to catch one.

July 22nd Seanies Flyer spent the day at Weymouth with Martin Quinn, Andy Georgiou and Nigel Devey on board.



First fish on board was a cracking brill of 6lb to Nigel.

Other fish caught were plaice, turbot and some decent blondes on the drift over the shambles bank.

August the 5th Seanies Flyer and Ultra White were back down Weymouth.




Fishing was a bit slower than last time with small flats off the bank but Nigel Devey did find a nice double figure undulate ray.





On the same day Lucky Strike launched at Burnham with Craig Willis and Stephen Saxby on board.

They stayed local as it was only a short trip over high water but fishing was busy with plenty of thornies, dogs, eels and a couple of hounds to Stephen the best 17lb.



Mid August and a few members went back to Norway with much better weather than their visit in the spring.




Lots of cod mixed in with coalies and halibut with a couple of pb’s, Martin Quinn with a cod of 50lb and Nigel Devey with a butt of 55lbs.





September 2nd and Four Buoys made it out for the first time in about 6 weeks.

Another short trip with Stephen Saxby, myself and my lad Jack as crew.

Fishing was steady with the usual suspects and Jack came out on top with 11.5 fish (I think his fish counting skills need working on !!).




September 8-9th should have been our 32 hour species comp but with a poor forecast this was cut down to just 9 hours on the Saturday.

Only 2 boats with 5 anglers made it out. With conditions against us our options were limited and this was reflected in the species tally.

On Four Bouys we couldn’t even find a doggie and Sand Piper only had 2 on board all day, very odd.

There was a 3 way tie for first with Steve Winters, Barry Beaton and myself on just 4 species.



September 12th 3 members and a couple of friends had a day out sharking on White Waters inWest Wales.

A great day at sea with 20 blues coming to the boat with 4 over 100lbs with a biggest of 115lbs to me.

Lots of dolphins around the boat and we even had a few tuna busting the surface on the way in.



Fish of the month for July sponsored by Thyers Tackle of Highbridge was won by Nigel Devey with a brill of 6lb and 120%.

Fish of the month for August went unclaimed.

The next competition is the Tony Holly Trophy on October 7th followed by the Ray Farthing Trophy on the 21st.


The next club meeting is on Thursday 18th October at Burnham Motor Boat and Sailing Club on the sea front, pop along if you are interested in joining a friendly club.

You can keep up-to date with latest news and catches and all things fishy on our facebook page and website Burnham Boat Owners Sea Angling Association.

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Fish of the Month June & July 2018


Fish of the Month 2018 sponsored by Thyers Fishing Tackle of Highbridge, in conjunction with BBOSAA members.




Fish of the month for June was won by Nigel Devey with a smoothound of 16lb caught out of Burnham On Sea.







As there were no fish weighed in from Burnham in July, the prize for this month goes to that man Nigel Devey again with his fine Brill caught out of Weymouth.

Well done Nigel!

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