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Saturday 25th May

Two boats fished Burnham on Saturday, Sea Sprite with Dave Hardup, Droops and Mike Blain and Craig and my self on the “boat with no name”.

Sea Sprite

Sea Sprite

Was a bit lumpy first thing but flattened off and ended up a lovely day.


We both found plenty of small rays, a few going just shy of double figures and a smattering of dogfish.



Droops managed to winkle out this cod of 8lb 6oz whilst messing about with a spinning rod and small bait.


2 prospective new members Ava and Jack, appeared on the beach with their Dad to help retrieve the boats.

Ava Saxby took her first ride on a boat which she loved.
I see trouble ahead on Natalie Jane with more competition for the only seat on board!!


Oh and we’re going have to take the pea out of the poxy WHISTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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