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HPC Harbour Authority – September 2017

HPC Harbour Authority – September 2017

































































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Species Hunt & Fred Peter’s Trophy Saturday 16th September 2017


We were due to hold our 36 hour Species Hunt over the weekend of the 16th & 17th September.

Sadly we lost the Sunday to the weather, but four boats did launch early on Saturday morning.

Most boats decided to head down channel and fish around Porlock Bay but Steve Winters & his guest on Sand Piper stayed local.

Simon Stroud treated us to a fine display of mud bank ploughing using Ultra Fisher’s outboard on the way out of the river.

We could only watch from a safe distance as lumps of mud flew 10 feet into the air!  

I am not sure that Alex Wharton and Jo Koloska found it totally reassuring as Simon turned to them and shouted “Don’t worry I’ve done this before!”

To his credit Simon did manage to power his way off the mud bank and as a result has made a new channel for us.


We were all soon down in Porlock Bay, Nigel Devey & Andy Georgiou on Ultra White went on a few miles further down.

On Four Buoys with myself was Richard & Fred Saxby, we anchored a deep hole and were straight in to fish.

With smoothounds, congers and dogfish from the off I even managed to catch them 2 at a time!


The boys on Ultra Fisher were not far away and were fairing much the same.

There was also some nice bull huss being caught on all boats, although I couldn’t catch no matter how hard I tried. 




I did catch our only whiting of the day on Four Buoys and also managed to snare a baby mackerel as well!

Over on Ultra White Nigel couldn’t catch a huss either but he upped his species tally with a three bearded rockling, whiting and a poor cod.



On Four Buoys we had a quick move in close to porlock looking for spotted rays and it wasn’t long before we all had caught one along with small hounds, dogfish and more huss, still no huss for me though.



With spotted rays ticked off the list is was time for another move this time to Selworthy to try for small eyed and blonde rays.

It was very slow going there and no rays so we moved again to White Mark and struggled there as well.


The wind was starting to increase as forecast and it was time for a final move back up to the club bank, the others already having moved up earlier.

Lots more congers, dogfish and thornback rays here although Fred Saxby couldn’t catch one.

Revenge for not letting me catch a bull huss!

Back at the Sailing Club and pictures were scrutinised and results tallied.

This always seems to take at least 2 pints worth of time!


So tied in first place with seven species were myself and Nigel Devey.

We had both caught congers, dogfish, thornback rays, a whiting and smoothound but, Nigel had a poor cod and 3 beared rockling whilst I had a spotted ray and that baby mackerel.

Tied third were Fred Saxby and Andy Georgiou.

As we are running out of reserve dates we also ran the Fred Peter’s Trophy on the day fished as best specimen.

Andy Georgiou won this with his fine huss of 12lbs also setting a new club record.

It is worth noting that this fish was returned alive after being weighed in a sling on the beach.

So another good days fishing with plenty of banter in great company well done all.



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Septembers Schedule 2017

We have our annual species hunt on the weekend commencing Saturday 16th September.
Book in is at 6am on Saturday 16th September and the competition finishes on Sunday 17th September with boats back on the beach for 4pm.

Boats can fish whenever they choose over the weekend and there are no boundaries but boats must launch and retrieve from Burnham-on-Sea.

More details will follow soon on Facebook, via text and this website.

On Thursday 21st we will hold our monthly club meeting at the Sailing Club.

This months meeting is open to all water users as we have a guest speaker, Mr William Barker, EDF’s Hinkley Point C harbour master.

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August’s News letter 2017

 By Richard Saxby

It feels like a tough summer so far for Burnham small boat owners, not because of the fishing but down to the constant winds making it tricky to find a weather window to get out in.


We have only managed to hold 4 competitions so far this year and there is a bit of a backlog but hopefully with the reserve dates we have set we will be able to complete our fixture list.


Sunday 13th August  5 boats and 12 anglers fished a smouthound catch and release competition with the prizes donated by Burnham Motor Boat and Sailing Club as part of their regatta celebrations.

Weather for once was  great and there were plenty of fish around with Lucky Strike getting stuck into the hounds landing 20 for Craig Willis and Damian Close.

They also took the top 3 places with Craig’s best going 22lb 2oz and Damo’s 18lb.



Hopefully the hounds will hang around for a few more weeks as we move into the autumn.


There are still some bass about and it won’t be long before the first cod are caught.

Fish of the month for July was won by Nigel Devey with a hound of 19lb 8oz 125%.

The next club competition is a 33 hour species comp starting at 6.30am Saturday 16th  September and finishing at 4pm the following day.

Our next club meeting is on Thursday 21st  September at Burnham Motor Boat and Sailing Club on the sea front.

This meeting is open to all water users as we have a guest speaker, Mr William Barker, EDF’s Hinkley Point C Harbour Master.

You can keep up-to date with latest news and catches and all things fishy on our Facebook page and website Burnham Boat Owners Sea Angling Association.

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Some Pictures from August

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